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Adjustable Drip Emitters on 1/2" FNPT


The 360 degree, 0-10 GPH adjustable drip emitter on 1/2” FNPT produces a gentle stream pattern that can be adjusted from small to large coverage. Available on 1/2” female pipe thread, this drip emitter is used to water an individual plant or group of plants. Use this adjustable drip emitter to retrofit a spray heads risers or as a new installation from a 1/2” male riser.

  • When the cap is rotated the flow from this Adjustable Drip Emitters and the radius of the wetted area can be adjusted from a gentle stream pattern, to drip, to off. This feature allows the user to adjust the flow to each individual plant as needed. Twisting the dial on the dripper towards the "+" or the "-" signs will allow you to increase or decrease the flow and wetted area.

    The ideal use for these adjustable drip emitters is for a group of plants or under a large individual plant. 

    • Available: on 1/2" FNPT
    • Drip emitter pattern : 360° coverage
    • Eight streams: for 360° coverage
    • Flow rate: 0 to10 GPH
    • Fully open : up to 3' diameter of coverage
    • Operating pressure: 10 to 30 PSI
    • Recommended filtration: 80 mesh
    • UV protected: manufactured from superior durable plastics for long life against degradation 
    • Materials: Body: Polpropylene
    • The adjustable head will take approximately 22 clicks to be fully open
    • Can be taken apart for easy cleaning
    • Click adjustment from flow off to full flow – perfect as the plant grows and its need for water changes
    • UV protected; manufactured from superior durable plastics for long life against degradation

    Installation for Adjustable Drip Emitters on 1/2" FNPT

    When using this type of adjustable drip emitter be aware that as you adjust the flow, the total flow rate of the system may be affected and this may lower the system uniformity.  In other words, increasing the flow from each adjustable drip emitter on your system may limit the efficiency of the system.

    Retrofitting a conventional spray head into a low flow, water saving drip irrigation system requires a few simple steps:

    Step 1: Evaluate the areas to be watered. While large areas such as lawns are best watered by sprinklers, other areas, such as shrubs, roses, or individual plants, can be irrigated more efficiently by using an adjustable drip emitter on ½” FNPT.

    Step 2: Remove the spray head from the ½” riser.

    Step 3: Turn the water on and flush the line.

    Step 4: Screw the adjustable drip emitter on ½” FNPT onto the riser.

    Step 5: Turn the water on and adjust the flow and diameter as needed

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