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1 Inch Anti-siphon Valve with 24 VAC Solenoid

The 1 inch, 24 VAC Anti-siphon valve with flow control operate with any 24-VAC automatic irrigation controllers for residential and commercial applications.
  • The 1 inch plastic anti-siphon valve with 24-VAC solenoid model C070 operate with any 24 VAC irrigation controllers. Made of PVC and reinforced nylon and the valve is designed for reliability in a variety of applications. Features include flow control handles for flow adjustment and manual shutoff, internal manual opening via the solenoid or external bleed via the bleed screw for smooth valve opening and closing. Install the anti-siphon valve 6-8 inch above ground or above the highest sprinkler head. An anti-siphon valve, frequently required on outdoor irrigation systems, is a directional valve that allows water to flow in only one direction and prevents irrigation water from back- siphoning to the drinking water supply line, preventing contaminated of the water supply. It is open to the atmosphere when there is reduced or no pressure in the line. The anti-siphon valve has a 1 inch inlet and outlet with female pipe thread so it can be installed directly onto 1 inch PVC male pipe thread as part of a drip irrigation or sprinkler system valve manifold or as a stand-alone unit.