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Easy-to-Open Button Drip Emitter with .5 GPH Color Brown

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The brown color D014 drip emitter with .5 GPH from John Deere Water is an easy to open and clean button online drip emitter with a consistent flow rate at 10 to 20 PSI. The drip emitter configuration have a few methods of installation options that including using the barb inlet to insert it into a 1/2" drip tubing or 1/4" micro tubing and in addition it has an 1/8 inch barb outlet that can be use with 1/8 inch micro tubing and a stake for potted plants production. The drip emitters have a unique labyrinth design with a turbulent flow pattern that provides some resistance to clogging.

  • D014, D015 and D016 are small diameter drip emitters with features that surpass many of the drip emitters on the market today. Easy to clean and maintain, the line of button online drip emitters have a consistent flow rate at 10- to 20 PSI. The emitters have a unique labyrinth design, with a turbulent flow pattern that provides some resistance to clogging.

    The emitters are made of two parts that can be easily opened and cleaned. The emitters are available in .5, 1, and 2 GPH with a 1/4" inlet barb and 1/8/" outlet barb. Use this drip emitter to ensure even, consistent water flow on a flat area. Used this line of drip emitters with flowerbeds, shrubs, trees, pots, baskets and vines by inserting the drip emitter directly into the 1/2" drip tubing or by extending the barb outlet with 1/8/" micro tubing and securing the micro tubing with a stake part #A127. This configuration using the 1/8/" micro tubing with stake can be also used with large number of small pots and baskets

    The button online drip emitter will discharge the same amount of flow as is rated at a constant suggested operating pressure of 15 PSI. At higher pressure, more flow will be released from the dripper, and at lower pressure, less flow will be released. We recommend installing a filter and a pressure regulator at the beginning of the line with this drip emitter. Drip irrigation is the slow application of water directly to the plants' root zone in a predetermined pattern. By preserving an optimum moisture level in the soil at all times, drip irrigation results in less water lost to the sun and the wind and less water wasted on non-growth areas. The resulting proper balance of water and air leads to very efficient irrigation.

    One of the most important features of a drip irrigation system is the creation of a totally new and more favorable root zone environment within the planting. Drip irrigation sustains this environment by using low flow rates to maintain constant soil moisture levels. This encourages better growth and disease resistance by reducing plant stress.