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Drip Irrigation beginners guide

The Drip Store Guide For Beginners

Looking to save water, time, and money through the use of drip irrigation? The Drip Store can provide you with everything you need to know about drip irrigation and water conservation, from helping you understand the benefits of drip irrigation to successful installation of a drip irrigation system.

A Brief History of Drip Irrigation or Micro Irrigation

Drip irrigation, sometimes referred to as micro irrigation or trickle irrigation, has its roots in agriculture. It was developed in areas of the world where limited water supply made it one of the few options available for efficient irrigation. Its development depended on advancements in plastic drip emitters and polyethylene tubing, and its growth was most rapid in arid and drought-plagued regions. Beginning in the late 1960's farmers discovered that by using drip irrigation they could increase yields while lowering water use. Today drip irrigation is trusted and extensively used for water management and conservation in agriculture as well as in commercial landscapes and residential gardens.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip or micro irrigation is the slow and precise application of water directly to a plant root zone in a predetermined pattern depending on the soil structure. Drip irrigation allows customization of the water supply to the needs of the plant while limiting water loss. During times of drought and water restriction, a well-designed, correctly installed, and properly maintained drip irrigation system will conserve water that might otherwise be lost to evaporation, runoff, wind, or watering of non-growth areas, yet assure the correct balance of water, air, and nutrients reaches each plant.

What is Drip Irrigation Picture
Vegetable Garden for Drip Irrigation

Why Use Drip

Water conservation is a great reason to use drip irrigation, however, it is not the only reason. Installing a drip system is incredibly easy and requires no special tools or glue. Save time with simple installation and get back to the things that matter to you!

  • Keep Plants Healthy
    Watering directly to the root of a plant cuts down on water-borne pests and fungal diseases that spread by water movement, as well as the germination of weeds between plants.
  • Nourishing Plants Growth
    The creation of a new and more favorable root developments supported by constant soil moisture level, anchoring the plant and absorbing water and nutrients from the soil.
  • Tackle Those Difficult Terrains
    Drip irrigation or low-volume irrigation systems are designed for placement in both new and existing landscape areas, and are ideal for installation on difficult terrain such as slopes, oddly shaped areas and windy sites.
  • Lower Your Water Bill
    Watering efficiently is smart for your wallet.  By saving water, you save money!
  • Ideal Applications for Drip

    Existing Gardens: An above ground drip system, perhaps covered with mulch, alleviates the need to dig a trench and potentially damage existing plant roots.

    New Landscapes: Easy to install, drip irrigation is ideal for new landscape areas where plants with similar water requirements may be grouped together for better water use and water conservation.

    Vegetable Gardens: Drip irrigation tapes or drip lines are ideal for row planting. They can provide the perfect growing conditions and increase yield, as well as help to reduce weeds and pests.

    Windy Locations: Windy days can cause the conventional sprinklers to throw the water far from their locations. With a drip system, water is applied directly to a plant’s root zone, where and when water is needed.

    Odd Shaped Areas: In oddly shaped areas where a conventional sprinkler system is especially inefficient, drip irrigation provides an ideal solution, eliminating runoff and wasteful spray.

    Containers and Baskets: Drip systems are ideal to use in hanging baskets or planters. An individual drip emitter or laser drilled soaker hose for each pot provides automatic self-watering

    Greenhouses: Instead of watering by hand, multi-outlet drippers can provide a watering method to irrigate a large amount of pots or baskets at once.

    To view and download this PDF format Drip Irrigation Guide from DIG Corp click on the link below.
    The Guide will explain products, how and where to use them and gives some guidance on watering times for different plants.


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