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    Part Numbers: DL034, DL047-500, DL048-500, DL049-500, DL050-500, DL050-1000, DL052, DL054, DL077, DL078, DL081, DL082, DL300-250CV, DL305-250CV, DL310-250CV, DL315-250CV, DL320-500CV, K009, K-D500, K-D500C, K-VEG500, K-VEG1000, T001, T002, T005, T015, T016, T021, T039, T042, T070, T072, T100, T101, T103, T302, T303, T540, T710-500

    If your order includes any of these products, the UPS ground shipping quote will only apply to them.

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Our goal at The Drip Store is to make our site as simple and intuitive as possible. The answers to many questions can be found below, or please call us at 877-597-1669 to speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives. 

  1. Having trouble logging in?
    1. Get help logging in and changing your password. please call our Customer Service Representatives at 877-597-1669.
  2. I did not receive my order
    1. Please log in and you will see a listing of all of your orders, including shipment dates and tracking information. 
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  3. The Drip Store Money Back Guarantee
    1. The Drip Store Money Back Guarantee covers your purchase price plus the original shipping costs. We guarantee you will get the product you ordered or your money back. Please view our Return Policy for more information.
  4. The best way to navigate our site and finding the right product
    1. On any page on our site, clicking on our logo will bring you to the front page.
    2. When shopping for a product, you can find it by brand, category, sub category, and price when applicable. You also can select the number of products to review, from 9 to 30 products.
  5. I am new to drip irrigation and I would like to get some basic background before I start shopping.
    1. Go to our How To Center and Select First Time User. In this area we provide background information and discuss benefits of drip irrigation and its applications. If you continue to scroll down, you can also find some suggestions and recommendations about kits and timers for a wide range of uses.
  6. I would like to learn how to design and install a complete drip irrigation system.
    1. Go to our How To Center and Select Drip Education Center
  7. I am missing the instruction manual on the product.
    1. Go to our How To Center and Select Instruction Manuals. In this area we provide you with a full list of instructions by category in PDF format for you to open and print.
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