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Home Grower Kit for up to 30 / 10 Gallon Pots


This is a complete kit for:

  • 30 / 3-10 Gallon Pots
  • OR
  • 10 / 25-35 Gallon Pots 

It includes everything you need to install a drip system. It will connect the the end of a garden hose or directly to a hose faucet.

The kit uses 1/4" Drip Line inside the pots to water the plants. Drip Line is a 1/4" size tube with drippers installed 'inside' the line. This is the same method many of our customers with large grow operations use.

  • This kit includes the same products that many of our customers with large grow operations use.

    The ability to control how much water the plants get within a very small amount gives you precision in one more aspect of your grow.

    Add a C002 timer to this kit and you will know for sure how often and how much water your plants are getting.

    Kit includes the following parts.

    1F001 - Filter
    1A013 - Pressure Regulator
    1LF003 - .700 OD Poly Tubing Adapter
    1T004 - 50 ft. .700 OD Poly Tube
    1LF013 - .700 OD Poly Tube line end
    30SF001 - 1/4" Barbed Connector
    30SF003 - 1/4" Tee
    1SF007 - Strip of 10 Goof Plugs / 1/4" line ends
    1T009 - 50 ft of 1/4" Vinyl Tubing
    1T045 - 100 ft. Coil of 1/4" Drip Line. 6" Spacing / .58 GPH
    40S040 - 1/4" Tubing Holder Stake / Black
    10S030 - 1/2" Tubing Holder Stake / Black
    1A019 - Hand Punch