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Jiffy Preforma cloning trays / 50 plugs. Pallet of 300 trays


This is a full pallet of 50 plug cloning trays, Plug is 1-1/4" square X 1-1/2" deep with a 15mm deep seed hole in the center. Plug is media blend 10.
A full pallet is 300 individual trays. That equals 15,000 individual plugs.
Full pallets do not have trays individually shrink wrapped!

NOTE: Shipping cost will be quoted after order is placed. We will contact you with the shipping cost for approval before proceeding with order. (West coast locations should be *around* $300.)

Preforma Plant Plugs / Cloning Trays are manufactured from the highest quality substrates and held together with a unique binding agent. Preforma achieves unrivalled rooting speeds and take rates for nursery stock crops.

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  • Tailor-Made Plant Plugs

    Available in almost any commercially produced propagation tray, the Preforma Plant Plug offers the grower flexibility of plug size, depth, shape and cell density to match each nursery or crop requirements. The nursery stock substrates have been specially developed to suit the diverse range of nursery stock crops, and include reduced peat and low pH mixes. The Preforma plug can also be pre-drilled for easy and quick insertion of fine cuttings!

    Increased Returns

    Jiffy has proven to some of the industry’s most prominent nursery growers that many crops traditionally propagated in one season for sales in the next season, can be propagated and sold in the same season – impacting profits and planning flexibility!


    The unique manufacturing process produces an extremely uniform substrate and a structure with hundreds of micro air pockets evenly distributed throughout the plug. This promotes superior fibrous root growth throughout the full depth and volume of the plug. As the substrate is fully bound, there is no compaction with transport or irrigation. This superior substrate structure holds water well, maintains excellent drainage properties, conserves water, and reducing losses particularly in overwintered crops. The absence of a net around the plug allows the roots to develop optimally after potting on. Cuttings grown in Preforma produce notably cleaner callous than in other propagation substrates, and far less rot. The number of active root nodes formed at the callous is increased substantially, and promotes fast multiple root development.

    Faster Sticking & Potting

    Plants in Preforma plugs produce fibrous roots within the plug rather than extended tap root systems outside the plug. Preforma products, compared to the competitors, make potting quicker and greatly reduce the risk of root damage and disease. Because the Preforma Plant Plug is supplied ready to use, sticking speeds are up to 20% faster than in other discrete plugs. With Preforma there is no labor needed to fill or water trays filled with loose substrates. Trials with leading nurseries have also proven potting speeds to be significantly quicker than other discrete or loose fill plugs, due to the Preforma Plug’s unique ability to easily pull from the tray.

    Mechanical Handling

    Thanks to the Preforma Plant Plug, nursery stock producers now have the opportunity to use transplanting equipment previously unsuited to this sector. This translates to huge savings of time and money for growers.