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.8 GPH Mister on 1/4" barb, Black Body / Purple Nozzle


.8 GPH Mister on 1/4" barb, Black Body / Purple Nozzle

A plastic body and nozzle producing a fine fog/mist sutable for cooling outdoor areas.

These misters work best in low humidity for cooling. They also work great in greenhouses or other locations to keep humidity at a higher level.

The misters can be taken apart by simply twisting them open, easy to clean.

Misters come in both a 1/4" barbed or 10/32 threaded connection.

Use our hand punch model A019 to make the hole in tubing for the barbed fitting.

  • The Drip Store has a wide range of fine droplet foggers-misters that are used for watering small pots and baskets or for humidifying effects if needed. The no moving parts 360° pattern foggers-misters have a small wetting diameter and are used for watering or humidifying when fine droplet size with low precipitation rate is required. When low volume overhead irrigation is desired for an area where drip emitters are not practical and the micro sprinklers or micro sprayers are not required, use the fine droplet foggers-misters to mist above plants and flowers, inside or outside closed structures.