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1/2" True Union PVC Ball Valve with Threaded and Socket Connections


Heavy-duty, high quality, 1/2 inch PVC ball valves with EPDM seals for watertight operation.

Well we have found what we think is a great true union ball valve for our customers. We really like how it feels and works. Best of all this valve COMES WITH both threaded and PVC socket ends! That's right. No worries of which connection you might end up needing. It's like getting two ball valves for the price of one!

True commercial quality for use in industrial, water treatment, pool/spa, irrigation and commercial plumbing applications. For fluid handling only! Do not use with compressed air or gas!

Individually Boxed with installation, usage and maintenance instructions included.

  • These ball valves are heavy duty and designed for a long lifespan.
    We have them in 1/2" - 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2".

    • PTFE Seats
    • Pressure rating per ASTM F-1970
    • Schedule 80 Sockets and NPT Threads
    • Blocked Carrier
    • Replaceable Handle
    • Smooth Turning
    • Adjustable Seat
    • Pressure Rating: 235 PSI
    • Certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and 372
    • Sizes 1-1/2" are full port, Sch 80. All other sizes are standard port.
    • Body: PVC
    • O-ring: EPDM
    • Seat: EPDM

    Designed for commercial and residential application the 3/4 inch heavy duty ball valves are made to operate as a back up to AC or DC valves, as manual valves for your irrigation system or as a shut-off for downstream or upstream repairs. Double union design permits in-line maintenance without disconnecting from the pipe. Made of PVC and other non-corrosive materials, this series of ball valves are designed for reliability of operation in a variety of applications.