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.710 OD

  1. DIG (2)
Coil Length
  1. 100 ft (1)
  2. 500 ft (1)

The Drip Store has poly tube made of all virgin material with carbon black for UV resistance.

.610 x .710 This has been used in the landscaping industry for quite a few years now so if a pro landscape company installed your drip system this 'could' be the size you have. A good way to identify it is most tube in this size has a blue strip along the entire length or uses compression fittings with blue ends.

Max flow rate of 250 GPH @ 25 PSI

Max length of 450 ft. @ 25 PSI

Note: All the numbers we quote are 'safe' numbers for designing a system. Variables may allow for longer or shorter runs.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)