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The Drip Store Story

The Drip Store is a family owned and operated business. In 1996, Dad dreamt up the idea of an internet store for drip irrigation products, specifically designed for the homeowner, landscaper, and commercial grower. Then, a highly experienced staff in micro-irrigation systems was gathered. The dream was brought to life and in 1997, The Drip Store was born. Then in 2003 Dad sold The Drip Store to pursue a dream and after 13 years away he and his family bought back The Drip Store in December of 2016. 

A note from Dad: "I was never even thinking about coming back to The Drip Store, but sometimes things just happen in life and you have to roll with it. I'm glad to say that this is a very happy "roll". It is a chance to work with my family and that is just so special, everyone's dream I would think. I'm looking forward to hard work and lot's of fun bringing The Drip Store to an even higher level."

The Drip Store is now operated by his two sons and a small team located in Chandler Arizona (outside Phoenix), where drip irrigation is a household word and used everywhere. Our goal is to always put the customer first, and to provide them with unmatched pricing, quality and education in all things drip irrigation.

Some manufacturers make certain products better than others. We buy the best-of-the-best from various suppliers. Our staff then tests each product to ensure that is of the absolute highest quality. Our mission is always to help our customers save time, water and money with drip irrigation, using the best and most innovative products on the market.

Since our dream came to life in 1997, we have continued to grow and help customers across the country water wiser with drip. It is our joy, our passion and our privilege! 

Thank you for your continued support!

The Drip Store Team