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3/4" Tube

  1. DIG (2)
Country of Manufacture
  1. United States (2)
Coil Length
  1. 250 ft (1)
  2. 500 ft (1)

3/4" Poly Tube is great for larger systems. Used as a main line feeding rows of smaller tube allows for more rows than using 1/2" poly tube while not making you move into large PVC pipe and all the glue. You can also place drippers and 1/4" barbs directly into this poly tube so its open to many uses beyond just a main line.

Our 3/4" Poly is .820 I.D. x .940 O.D. Max line length is 500 ft.

All of ourfittings listed as 3/4" will work with this 3/4" poly tube.

I.D. and O.D. = Inside Diameter / Outside Diameter

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)