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Pressure and Flow Test Tool

Taking flow rate and pressure measurements can be a pain, but not with The Drip Store's pressure and flow testing tool! This simple to use tool will make getting the specs on your water source a breeze, and it's only $25!

Everything to help you design & install a Drip Irrigation system.

The low volume drip irrigation expert since 1996, The Drip Store offers drip irrigation products specifically developed for landscapers, commercial growers, and homeowners.  At The Drip Store, we offer low volume irrigation, tubing, irrigation valves, battery, A/C and solar powered controllers at great prices! Save both water and money with our affordable drip irrigation systems.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is the slow, precise application of water and nutrients directly to the plant root zone. Also known as micro or trickle irrigation systems, drip irrigation systems help maintain the ideal moisture level, encouraging the formation of deeper roots and more abundant foliage. Drip irrigation also saves water through reduced evaporation and runoff.

Why Switch to Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation not only saves water, they improve efficiency all around. Drip irrigation systems have applications in both small scale gardening and large-scale agricultural settings. Water usage is always a concern when gardening or farming and drip irrigation is the best way to regain control of your water usage.

What We Offer

The Drip Store has everything you need to set up and maintain drip irrigation systems. We can provide you with all the irrigation accessories you need to not only set up your irrigation system but keep it running efficiently. We will work with you to design the most efficient irrigation system. Our goal is to get you the perfect irrigation system.

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