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Drip Tape

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Drip tape is a thin walled 1/2" size tube with drippers installed inside.

This tape product has been used for many years in the agricultural market for row crops. It ease of installation and picking up after the season makes it a great choice for any vegetable garden. When empty of water it collapses to lay flat and when water is turned on it fills and looks like any 1/2" poly tube. In the collapsed / flat state you can just roll it up for storage in the winter and roll it out again next spring. With care you can get several seasons out of it. Keeping dirt out of it and flushing it before use each season.

All the tape we sell works with any Drip Tape fittings we list. We have fittings that go from 1/2" poly tube to tape so setting up rows in a vegetable garden are no problem. We suggest using our wire stakes to hold it in place.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)