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1-1/2" Filters

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Filtration is important for drip irrigation systems and here you will find exactly what you need to keep your drip system clean from debris which might clog up drippers or microsprinklers.

The main option is to use a "Screen" or "Disc" type filter.

A screen is just that and comes in a polyester or stainless steel material and each with different mesh sizes. Screens are best for sand or general dirt filtration.

A disc is just that, like a plastic plate stacked on top of each other with different sized grooves as a mesh size. Disc's are best for filtering organic material.

Mesh sizes are largest / coarsest openings being a 80 mesh and the smallest / finest being a 200 mesh.

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  • F515SS

    1-1/2" "Y" Style Filters with Stainless Steel Screens

    Starting at: $67.00

    The Drip Store's 1-1/2" "Y" style filters are a great way to ensure that your irrigation system will not get clogged by small particles or sediment in the water.

    These are heavy duty agricultural grade filters with removable filter elements which may be cleaned or replaced.

    For extremely dirty water they can be used in tandem, from course filtration to fine. This method requires less frequent cleaning of the elements. The filter is easy to install and clean. No need to take the filter out of the system just unscrew the bottom of the canister, take out the screen and clean it under water.

  • F515DF

    1-1/2" "Y" Style Filters with Disc Elements

    Starting at: $75.00

    These 1-1/2" "Y" Style filters have a Disc element inside to filter the water. A disc element is made of many thin round discs which have grooves on them. Once stacked together they provide a much larger filtration area than a screen does.

    Use the swivel fitting in the "Related Products" section below to connect the filter as in the picture on the left. This makes it easy to install and replace if ever needed.

    Filtration recommendations

    • Well or potable water: 150 to 155 mesh screen or disc filter on the main line.
    • Water with sand: disc filter on the main line positioned after a back-flow device
    • Reclaimed water: disc filter followed by screen filter with 155 mesh

2 Item(s)