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Automated Foundation Watering Kit (Medium) - Includes Free Pair of Gloves

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Model #KFW003

The idea of watering a building instead of a plant may seem odd, but it’s a common practice in areas with a combination of hot, dry weather and heavy clay soil such as Texas, Nevada, and Utah. Soil expands and contracts depending on the moisture level, and clay soil tends to shrivel and crack when it dries out to an extreme degree. This can cause damage to the foundation of homes and other buildings built on this soil, which can cost a lot of money! Using one of our foundation watering kits is a simple, affordable way to keep the soil around your foundation at a consistent moisture level, preventing cracking.


Our kits are designed with purpose and are engineered so you can use everything that comes in the kit without running out of pressure or flow. This kit is not just a collection of parts that we call a kit, it’s a system designed by our expert team to help you accomplish your goals at home. Check out the instruction manual or the description below for more information on how we’ve worked to make this kit as user-friendly and effective as possible.