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1/2" (.700 OD) Compression Line End with 3/4" FHT Flush Cap

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: DIG
Manufacturer #: Q58

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Model #LF013

You probably already know that you need to plug up the ends of your 1/2" mainline tubing in order for the system to pressurize, right? Well, if you didn't know before you definitely know now. There are a lot of different ways to accomplish this, but the LF013 is the neatest and most versatile. The 1/2" compression fitting securely attaches to .700 OD poly tubing or 17mm dripline. The other end has a 3/4" MHT thread that works with the included end cap (to close the system off) as well as any other 3/4" FHT fitting we sell, giving this item far more uses than any other line end.

This fitting (and all the other 1/2" compression fittings with black ends that we sell) works with .600 ID x .700 OD poly drip tubing and brown 17mm tubing and dripline. Push the tubing into the end of the fitting firmly and at an angle, then walk it up and down while pushing in until the tubing is inside the fitting by at least half an inch. Be aware that once you've gotten the tubing into the fitting it's very difficult to remove it!