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1/4" Clip-On Elbow With Nail

To use the Clip-On Elbow you simply place the tubing into the molded slot where you want to make a 90 deg. turn. You can just lay in on the ground, hang it in the air or nail it to something. The tubing will hold in the Clip-On Elbow if it is loose or nailed up.
Microtube is a great product and used in many areas but one drawback has always been keeping it where you want it. Making sharp turns would mean you use two 1/4" "C" Clamps with or without a barbed elbow. Labor saving little part here!
  • Make 90 degree turns in 1/4" tubing without cutting the tube or having to insert barbs! This handy Clip-On elbow makes the 90 degree turn without crimping the tube. It also allows you to nail the elbow where you want it or just leave it loose. The Clip-On Elbow will hold the tubing if it is nailed to an object or not!
    Got patio plants in pots.....this is what you need.
    As an added bonus we INCLUDE the NAIL with each one! So if you want to nail or not what you get from us is ready to go.