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DIG 100', 6" Spacing, 1/4" .52 GPH Drip Line, Brown Color

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: DIG
Manufacturer #: ML-106B

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Model #T046

I'll say it in plain English: 1/4" dripline is the perfect solution to watering small rows of vegetables or other plants. With .5 gph drippers pre-inserted every 6", all you need to do is roll this dripline out along the base of your plants, plug the end with a goof plug, and connect it to your 1/2" mainline tubing. That's it! This tubing is even brown to blend in seamlessly with your garden. No endless bending over to punch a bunch of holes, no inserting drippers at each plant, just roll, plug, connect, and forget. The best part is that your plants don't need to be spaced exactly 6" to use this dripline! Water will permeate along the whole line and your plants' roots will seek that water out, so it doesn't matter if the drippers are right at the base of your plants.

This dripline has dimensions of .170" ID X .250" OD and is compatible with all our 1/4" fittings. You can run a single line of 1/4" dripline up to 30', making it ideal for watering rows of just about anything (vegetables, flowers, corn,  shrubs, etc) up to 30' long.