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100' x 17mm x 1 GPH Check Valve Drip Line x 12" Spacing (DIG)

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: DIG
Manufacturer #: A1-112P-CV

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Model #DLCV300-100

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17mm dripline is a great plug-and-play solution to watering your garden. It's best suited to watering rows of plants, like vegetables, but it's also great for snaking around a garden area. With 1 gph drippers pre-inserted every 12", all you need to do is roll this dripline out along the base of your plants, plug the end, and connect it to your water source. That's it! No endless bending over to punch a bunch of holes, no inserting drippers at each plant, just roll, plug, connect, and forget. The best part is that your plants don't need to be spaced exactly 12" to use this dripline! Water will permeate along the whole line and your plants' roots will seek that water out, so it doesn't matter if the drippers are right at the base of your plants.

Special Feature: the drippers in this dripline include a check valve, which prevents siphoning. It also helps the dripper stay clean by keeping particulate matter from entering the outlet of the dripper. This makes it best suited for use in subsurface applications.

This dripline is nominally sized at 1/2" (or 17mm) and has dimensions of .570" ID X .670" OD. It is compatible with all 1/2" black compression fittings for .700 OD poly, universal nut lock fittings, and brown 17mm barbed fittings. Please note that it does not work with spin-loc fittings for .700 OD poly. You can run a single line of 17mm dripline up to 330', making it ideal for watering rows of just about anything (vegetables, flowers, corn,  shrubs, etc) up to 330' long.