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.5 GPH Pressure Compensating Button Drip Emitter (Supertif) Black / Brown

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: Rivulis
Manufacturer #: 201000058

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Model #D005
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When you absolutely need to make sure all your plants get the right amount of water, you need a pressure compensating dripper. In addition to the standard internal labyrinth - used to regulate the flow rate of the dripper - they also include a silicone diaphragm, allowing them to react to pressure changes within the system and ensure a more consistent flow of water. This makes pressure compensating drippers ideal for systems with long runs of tubing, lots of hills, or a water source with inconsistent pressure output. Pressure compensation is only active between 8 and 50 PSI, so remember to use a pressure regulator to ensure proper function.

All drippers have a flow rate, which describes how much water will come out of the dripper in a given period of time. This is usually expressed in GPH, or Gallons Per Hour. A .5 GPH dripper like this one will emit half a gallon of water over the course of an hour. A slow flow rate like this is best for watering plants in soil with high clay content or plants that need relatively less water than other plants on the same system.