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1 GPH PC Emitter Antelco Drip Pet Green Frog

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Model #D024

Don't let the design fool you: this is a high-quality pressure compensating dripper! In addition to the standard internal labyrinth - used to regulate the flow rate of the dripper - they also include a silicone diaphragm, allowing them to react to pressure changes within the system and ensure a more consistent flow of water. This makes pressure compensating drippers ideal for systems with long runs of tubing, lots of hills, or a water source with inconsistent pressure output. Pressure compensation is only active between 8 and 50 PSI, so remember to use a pressure regulator to ensure proper function.

Special Feature: it's adorable, just look at it! It's a little green frog. We love these things, give them a try!

All drippers have a flow rate, which describes how much water will come out of the dripper in a given period of time. This is usually expressed in GPH, or Gallons Per Hour. A 1 GPH dripper like this one will emit one gallon of water over the course of an hour. Using 1 GPH drippers to water the most common plants on your system will make planning your system runtime easier as it will be easy to calculate how much water plants need in relation to each other. For example, if you most common plants are getting 1 GPH and you have a plant that needs about twice as much water, you can use a 2 GPH dripper and know that your thirstier plant will always get twice as much water as the plants with 1 GPH drippers on them.