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DIG 1/4" Barbed Tee

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: DIG
Manufacturer #: 25-002

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Model #SF003

One piece of 1/4" tubing, two plants. How do you make this work? A tee, that's how! The SF003 1/4" tee will take a single piece of 1/4" tubing and split it in two, letting you water two plants or run off in two different directions. It can also be used to attach two pieces of 1/4" tubing or dripline to the same hole in your 1/2" mainline, meaning you can spend half as much time punching holes during installation. Using tees where you can will reduce the time and materials needed to  build out your dream drip irrigation system.

The 1/4" barbed tee is used to connect three ends of 1/4" micro tubing with .140 ID to .170 ID, or to connect two lines of 1/4" micro tubing or dripline to 1/2" or larger poly mainline tubing. 1/4" tubing is pushed over the barb for a very tight fit, ensuring the tubing doesn't fall off and preventing leaks. This fitting is compatible with both vinyl and poly 1/4" micro tubing, 1/4" dripline, and 3mm holes punched in 1/2" or larger tubing.