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FAQ - Gift Cards

Q: How Can I Buy a Gift Card?

A: Scroll up to the top of this page – yeah, this page you’re on right now! – and click the button that says “gift cards.” It’ll be near the top right if you’re on a computer. If you’re on your phone, scroll to the top of the page, click the three horizontal bars at the top left, then scroll down the pop-out menu till you see “gift cards.” It’s near the bottom. You can also call us to place an order like you would for any other item.

Q: Okay, I Bought One. Now What?

A: Once you’ve purchased a gift card and put in the name and contact info for yourself and your recipient, two emails will go out. One to you, the purchaser, with a receipt for the gift card. The other will go to the recipient, and that email will include their unique gift card code. Tell them to keep it safe (and check their spam folder if they don’t get the email!) but also know that if they lose it or don’t get the email they can call us to get the code. To do that they’ll need the order number, recipient name, and sender name. If they don’t have that information, we won’t be able to help them.

Q: How Do I Use Gift Cards?

A: Add whatever you want to your cart, then go to check out. Click “Apply Gift Card” to enter your unique code, then watch as it brings the total on your order down!


Q: What Will My Gift Card Apply To?

A: Gift cards apply their balance to the cost of products and shipping costs on your order. If you don’t use your whole card amount, just enter the code again to use the remainder.

Q: What About Tax?

A: Tax is not charged when a gift card is purchased, but it is charged (when applicable) on an order when the card is used. Tax is charged at the appropriate rate for the items purchased and the location they are being shipped to on the given order as long as it is taxable. Because tax is not charged when you buy the card, it cannot be used to cover the taxes on an order, which would essentially result in a tax-free order. This is what the Feds like to call “tax evasion,” and we’re not interested in doing that ourselves or helping anyone else do it. TL;DR you don’t get charged tax when you buy the card, but when you use it, and if the order you use the card on is taxable, you can’t use the gift card (which was untaxed) to pay for the tax on it.

Q: Can I Return a Product I Bought With A Gift Card?

A: Nice try! Any items purchased with a gift card can’t be returned for a refund. If there are mitigating circumstances (such as a manufacturer-confirmed defective product), we may issue a refund in the form of a gift card or store credit, but we will never refund product paid for via gift card for cash, a check, or by adding to the balance of a credit card. If you cancel an order before it ships, a customer service rep can add the funds back to your gift card.

Q: Do Gift Cards Expire?

A: Nope! They’re good as long as we’re around to take them.

Q: What If I Lost My Code/Someone Stole It?

A: Your unique gift card code is included in the email sent to the address entered as the recipient during purchase of the gift card. If you lose the code or never get the email, you can call us with the order number, recipient name, and sender name and we’ll give you the code. If you don’t have that information we will be unable to help you. We will only ever give you the code associated with the information noted above. If that code is empty because it has already been used or was stolen, we are unable to do anything about it, and we will not issue new cards or codes to make up for them. We can see every detail about a card such as when it was purchased, when it was used, remaining balance, etc. so please save all of us some time and don’t try to game the system!