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3/4" & 1" Polyester Replacement Screen, 200 Mesh, Purple

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: DIG
Manufacturer #: 17-405

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Model #F318

Everything breaks eventually, so the real question is what situation you'll be in when it breaks. A broken filter element will keep one of the core parts of your system from operating and could result in much worse problems (like needing to replace dozens of clogged drippers) if not fixed right away. Having a replacement filter element on hand as a backup is a great way to keep your system running and keep yourself stress free in the event that your filter element breaks. You can also use a standalone element like this to replace an existing element (even if it's not broken) in a 3/4" or 1" housing, letting you change the filtration level or element type without needing to buy a whole new filter housing.

This filter element uses a 200 mesh polyester screen to filter incoming water. It is ideal for trapping particulate matter like sand and soil, and the polyester material used is tough and affordable. Screen filters are not ideal for filtering organic matter like algae, slime, or pond scum as it will quickly clog it. Cleaning a screen element is as easy as spraying it well with a hose.

TIP: Pay attention to the arrows molded into the plastic at the top of the filter housing! These arrows tell you which direction water should flow through the filter depending on the type of filter (screen or disc). If you are replacing a screen element with a disc element or vice-versa, you will need to turn the whole filter around so water flows in the right direction.