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Spot-Spitter Spray Stick, 160 Deg.\ Green \ Medium Flow 9.6-13.2 GPH

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Flow rates are listed as between 15 GPH and 25 GPH.

Length = 4.8" / Color = Green / Medium Flow 9.6-13.2 GPH / 160 deg. Spray pattern

The SPOT-SPITTER is the simplest and most effective method available for irrigating nursery containers. Its innovative V- Groove design delivers an accurate spray directly to the root zone without waste. The large flow passage stands up to dirty water and can be cleaned by simply removing the supply tube, then putting it back on.

Make sure to use our Spot-Spitter tubing for best results! See "Related Products" below.

  • The spot-spitter spray stick controls water flow at the emitter stick, where it matters most. Other mini-sprayer sticks may require tedious, labor-intensive modifications of tubing and lengths to develop the flow characteristics desired. You can install the spot- spitter in seconds, selecting the proper flow rate and pattern and using the correct 1/8” micro tubing with the specified ID. Unlike other mini-sprayer sticks which tend to deform or break at the spray tip, the spot-spitter is made from premium UV-resistant resins, which resist tip damage and provide years of trouble-free operation in both indoor and outdoor applications.

    Note: the flow rate is achieved at a pressure rating of 15 to 25 PSI and using the 1/8” micro tubing with 0.125 ID x .0.187 OD.