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1/2" White Poly Tube X 500 Ft. .600 X .700

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Manufacturer: Tempo

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Model #T002-W

You can't build a sandwich without bread, and you can't build a drip system without the tubing. That's not just a turn of phrase, it's actually impossible! No matter what kind of drip system you want to build, you will need tubing to serve as the core of the system. This 1/2" poly tubing is ideal for use as the main distribution tubing for a system, especially in indoor settings where you want your system to have a pleasing aesthetic. This mammoth 500' roll will ensure you've got enough tubing to reach even the furthest ends of your garden, greenhouse, or grow room.

The 1/2" designation for this tubing may be misleading as the ID (inside diameter) is .600" and the OD (outside diameter) is .700". If you measure it it's closer to 3/4" size, but it is referred to as 1/2" in the industry.

  • Maximum flow capacity for this tubing is 220 GPH
  • Maximum total line length for this tubing is 400'
  • For every 100 ft. of tubing you will lose 4.4 PSI
  • You can place drippers directly into this tubing using a hole punch tool (A019 & A035 are standard)
  • Any of our fittings designated as .700 OD will work with this tubing