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Foundation Watering Kits

What is "Foundation Watering"?

Foundation watering is the application of water to the soil around the foundation of a building to keep it moist. Soil – especially soil with a high clay content – expands and contracts depending on how wet or dry it is. In some circumstances this expansion and contraction can cause damage to the foundation of a building built on this soil. 

Foundation watering is intended to keep the soil around the foundation at a relatively stable moisture content, preventing damage from expansion/contraction of the soil around it.

Why Use a Foundation Watering Kit?

For the same reasons you’d use any other drip irrigation kit: to save time! Using an automated irrigation kit means you can keep your foundation watered without having to do it manually, saving you time and money. 

The dripline included in the kit will apply water only where you lay it, meaning you’ll have tighter control over where your water goes.


What's Included?

Our kits come complete, which means they include everything you’ll need to install a full foundation watering system. The kits are based on dripline, a simple to use tubing with drippers pre-inserted into it. 

Every foundation watering kit includes a complete head assembly – timer, backflow preventer, filter, pressure regulator, and tubing adapter – fittings, stakes, tubing, and dripline. By visiting the product page for a kit you can see the full parts list and instruction manual, meaning you can do all your research on the kit before paying a single penny.


Which kit will fit my house/shed/building?

Which kit is the right size for you depends on the perimeter of the foundation you want to water. Our foundation watering kits come in four sizes, determined by the linear footage of dripline included: Mini (100’), Small (200’), Medium (300’), and Large (500’)

Just measure the length of the perimeter of your foundation and pick the kit with the right amount of tubing.

Need more than 500' of dripline?

Looking for more information on foundation watering kits?

The team at The Drip Store is here to help you get started, answering any questions and providing expert advice on all things drip irrigation. 

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