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Hybrid Potted Plant Kit (Medium)

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Model #KHY003

Having a ton of potted plants and planters around can be beautiful, but irrigating so many small, separate areas can be a nightmare. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution to this problem, look no further than our potted plant kits. This kit is designed to offer maximum flexibility and a multitude of parts to make watering dozens of potted plants and densely occupied planters as easy as possible by utilizing a combination of traditional drippers and ultra-convenient ¼” dripline. With pressure regulation, filtration, mainline tubing, drippers, a hole punch tool, and much more, this kit contains everything you need to get your system right the first time. For a clean aesthetic, use the A004 and A005 c-clamps to hold your tubing in place against a wooden deck. 

You can even automate your system using the C002 hose end timer, or add a fertilizer injector!


Our kits are designed with purpose and are engineered so you can use everything that comes in the kit without running out of pressure or flow. This kit is not just a collection of parts that we call a kit, it’s a system designed by our expert team to help you accomplish your goals in the garden. Check out the instruction manual or the description below for more information on how we’ve worked to make this kit as user-friendly and effective as possible.