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100 Ft. x 3/4" (.940 OD) Solid Polyethylene Tube *Now Qualifies for Free Shipping*

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: Tempo
Manufacturer #: T940/100

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Model #T301

You can't build a sandwich without bread, and you can't build a drip system without the tubing. That's not just a turn of phrase, it's actually impossible! No matter what kind of drip system you want to build, you will need tubing to serve as the core of the system. This 3/4" poly tubing is ideal for use as the main distribution tubing for systems where 1/2" tubing doesn't offer enough capacity.

The 3/4" designation for this tubing may be misleading as the ID (inside diameter) is .820" and the OD (outside diameter) is .940". If you measure it it's closer to 1" size, but it is referred to as 3/4" in the industry.

  • Maximum flow capacity for this tubing is 480 GPH (more than double the capacity of 1/2")
  • Maximum total line length for this tubing is 600'
  • For every 100 ft. of tubing you will lose .92 PSI
  • You can place drippers directly into this tubing using a hole punch tool (A019 & A035 are standard)
  • We carry a wide range of fittings that will work with this tubing
  • You can use all the same head assembly fittings as you would with 1/2" tubing, just swap the LF003 out for a LF335
  • Want to use 3/4" as a mainline and 1/2" as a subline? Use the LF169 or LF600 reducing tee!