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1-1/2" DC Solenoid Inline Valve (9-Volt-DC)


The 1-1/2 inch inline valve with 9-VDC solenoid is designed to operate with 9 VDC battery operated controllers and with DIG LEIT2 ET system.

Formerly Part# 305DC-150

  • The S305 series ¾, 1, 11/2 and 2 inch valves with 9 VDC solenoids from DIG are designed for commercial and residential application. These series of glass-filled nylon DC valves are designed for reliability in a variety of demanding applications providing superior hydraulic performance and demonstrating advanced hydraulics and plastics technology. These are designed to operate with our solar powered controllers and the 400/710A series. This inline valve with 9 VDC-solenoid has two color-coded wires that are used to connect to the corresponding wires stations on any two, four or six stations battery operated controllers and the LEIT-2ET solar powered controller station using waterproof connectors. The valves main features include flow control handle for flow adjustment and manual shutoff, manual bleed via the solenoid for opening the valve without external bleed and smooth valve opening and closing.