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3/4" FHT x MHT "T" Filter with 150 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen


The Drip Store’s 3/4" swivel female hose thread inlet and male outlet T-filters is a small size filter with stainless steel screen used for a faucet installation of a drip irrigation system.

  • The filter screens are readily accessible for easy removal and cleaning. This line of filters includes a manual flush valve for easy flushing or removal of particles trapped in the bottom of the filter.


    Screen filters are the most common filters used in the irrigation industry and in most cases the least expensive. They are generally used as a backup for any type of drip irrigation installation and are mainly installed where the quality of water is good. Screen filters are excellent for removing hard particulates from water, such as sand and other small elements often found in city water. The screen filters are not suitable for removing organic materials such as algae, mold and slime. These non-solid materials tend to embed themselves into the screen material where they are very difficult to remove. In other cases they simply slide through the holes in the screen by temporarily deforming their shape. Screen filters are cleaned by removing and hand cleaning the screen.