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100' x 1/4 Inch Poly Micro Tubing .170 ID X .250 OD

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: Tempo
Manufacturer #: T250100

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Model #T040

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1/2" tubing is great and all, but what if you need to get to a single plant or hanging pot that's out of the way? Don't run a whole line of big, expensive 1/2" tubing to that lonely plant, use some 1/4" tubing instead! This tubing can run up to 30' at a time and connects easily to 1/2" tubing using a hole punch tool and a barbed fitting

Smaller and more flexible than 1/2" tubing, it can make sharp turns without needing an elbow and is great for reaching out of the way plants. It's even made out of the same UV-resistant material as 1/2" tubing, meaning it doesn't sacrifice durability for flexibility. You can insert a dripper directly into the end of this tubing, and you can use a c-clamp to secure it to a wall for a neat aesthetic. Take a look at the A034 barb insertion tool if you're planning to use a lot of this, as it makes inserting barbed fittings a lot easier.

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