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DIG Add-It Fertilizer Injector For Garden Spigot, 1 Pint

TDS Model #
Manufacturer: DIG
Manufacturer #: AFI 5016-H

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Model #FI001

Regular Price: $26.00

Sale Price $23.40

Adding a fertilizer injector to your drip system is the final step in your journey towards a fully automated irrigation system. Rather than going out into your yard with a bag of fertilizer or a special hose attachment to manually fertilize, use a DIG Add-It injector and let your drip system do the work for you!

Using the Add-It injector is easy: just fill it up with a liquid fertilizer of your choice and turn your system on. That's it! As water moves through the injector it pulls up a constant stream of fertilizer and mixes it with the water going to your plants, ensuring an even, consistent feed rate. The 1 pint injector takes - you guessed it! - one pint of liquid fertilizer and distributes it evenly through the first 15 gallons of water to pass through your system, after which the injector is just full of normal water.

This model has hose thread connections, meaning it will work with all standard head assembly components like the C002 timer, A015 backflow preventer, F300 filter, PR204 pressure regulator, and LF003 swivel adapter. Its small size and light weight means it is easy to add to a standard hose thread head assembly. Remember to put the injector between the backflow preventer and the filter!