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1/4" fittings are used for many things in a drip irrigation system.

They can connect 1/4" microtube to a 1/2" or larger poly tube by punching a hole in the larger tube with a hole punch.

They can connect 1/4" microtube to other 1/4" microtube to create a distribution system of all microtube. Tees, Elbows, Crosses and connectors allow you to get creative in your system design.

Some 1/4" fittings will have a threaded end which is made for the thicker walled semi rigid poly risers.

All of our 1/4" fittings are a barbed style which means they will fit inside the 1/4" microtube.

They fit any microtube with an I.D. of .140 to .170

Our vinyl 1/4" microtube is a .156 I.D. x .245 O.D.

Our Poly 1/4" microtube is a .170 I.D. x .250 O.D.

3 Item(s)

3 Item(s)