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Drip Irrigation Kits

Beginning Your Garden?
First Time Using Drip Kits?

It doesn't matter if you're a first timer or just in need of some extra guidance... we offer free support to help you understand exactly what you need. Call our customer service line - we’re happy to help you find what you need!


Kits Designed With Purpose

Buying a kit should mean you don’t need to buy anything else to accomplish your goal. We create our kits to be a complete package engineered for a specific task, with purpose-driven parts designed to work seamlessly together . If you want a box of assorted stuff, you can save a few bucks by buying a kit from the competition. If you want a kit that goes above and beyond with customer service to back it up, stick with The Drip Store.


Drip Kits for Every Garden

Our kits are engineered with purpose and include extensive instructions to ensure you get it right the first time.


Yards & Landscapes


Raised Garden Beds


Potted Plants

Drip Irrigation Kit Add-Ons

Every garden is different, which is why we have designed our kits to be easily expandable. All of the products we sell can be used with one of our kits, but we’ve curated a list of the most common add-ons and extras to make your experience as simple as possible. Check them out below!